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KLH 6 vs. Large Advent

Guest molecules

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Guest Droog

I own several pairs of the KLH 6, a really early pair from 1958, a mid 60s pair, and a early 70s pair....

all are consistant in sound quality. I think they're great for all type's of music. The 6 was very popular,

being produced for about 15 years ( longer then any other speaker). I have friends who own large Advents

and they are about the same in cabinet and driver size as the KLH, definately a good speaker (maybe a little

'brighter' sounding), Just a bit more refined, a continuation of what Henry Kloss had done with KLH.

I like the vintage hifi look of earlier KLH (the big brick look) ! Avoid some of the late model 6's, they had vinyl cabinets and

lighter constuction, KLH was going down hill fast, by th mid to late 70's their speakers were a sad product,

cheap being the only word that comes to mind, but this is what happens when companies sell out. My vote is for

the model 6.... a real classic!

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