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KLH model 354. 10 3/4 inch woofer.


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Does anyone know anything about these. I bought them at a second hand store about 4 years ago. They are three way acoustic suspension.The tweeters were gone and I replaced them with a couple from radio shack. I hate to say this but I had to cut to make them fit. I didn't know what I had at the time.They sound fabulous. Recently I had to replace a woofer. I bought one on Ebay.I thought it came from a model 6, but after reading a bit on this site,I guess not.(do any 6's come apart or are they all glued together). The original woofers in my speakers had the square magnet. They measure 10 3/4 inches across and have 6 mounting holes .The one I bought on Ebay had a round magnet that is held together (or attached?) with nuts and bolts.(maybe it comes apart).The date was stamped on this speaker(Feb 1969).I am using these again and they sound fine with no difference that I can hear. The back of these has the following. KLH Research and Development Corporation. Cambridge Massachusetts. Model 354 Acoustic Suspension Loudspeaker System. There are both mid and high selector knobs with settings of dec,flat and inc. The speaker wire connections are screw on knurled knobs. 8 ohms. Serial #'s are A35401567 and A35401568. Measurements are. H-26,W-14,D-12 3/4 inches.I have looked on this site and checked out Ebay for a few months and have seen none like these. There must be someone out there somewhere who has some info. on these. Thanks.

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