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Goodwill AR-4X


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I bought a pair of these for $5.00 at a Goodwill store. The orginal paperwork is on the back of one of them. Its like a warranty card on one side and another sheet with info about the tweeter attenuator. One works fine and one has a bad tweeter. I've looked inside them and although they were manufactured relatively close together and sold as a pair, they have different crossover components. The tweeter attenuator doesn't seem to work on the working one. The eight inch drivers have clothe surrounds and are working fine. One needs a tweeter. I am into low powered tube amps and have no need for these classic bookshelf speakers as they are not very efficient. I just thought I'd check them out for five bucks. If someone could use them I will gladly forward them along for a nominal fee plus shipping. The cabinets are pretty funky and the grills are there but super dirty and the grill emblems are gone. Email me at shelleynstevelee@aol.com if you could use them.

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