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AR 2a?

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I found a pair of ARs, labeled "AR-2a" (at least I'm PRETTY sure they were) at the audio repair shop. They LOOK just like early 2axs though, cloth-surround woofers, ONE mid, with the fiberglass "patty" on them and the old-style tweets. Plywood baffle with the black paint not applied around the bottom of the woofer. The cabs look VERY nice, woofers need dust caps, 1 tweet has been removed but present, one mid is MIA. NO grills or badges. With that layout, they CAN'T be 2as, right? They look JUST like this: http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~postr/bapix/AR_open1.jpg

I originally thought of buying these to restore, (he wants $50), but as some of you may recall, I have a pair of late-model 2axs I just recapped. They are vinyl, somewhat rough (I repaired them as best as I could), but work nicely, and have VERY nice grills. NOW I wonder if I should just put my drivers and grills in the nice cabs. Kind of an expensive way to go, I paid $30 for the 2axs, maybe $15 for the caps, $20 for replacement badges......BUT, I could sell the drivers from the old pair. I don't think my new tweets would fit in these cabs however. Thinking about it, the woofers have a different bolt pattern, so I really shouldn't replace those either.

OR, I could get another mid, make frames and cover them, buy ANOTHER set of badges, and sell my vinyl pair. What would you guys do?

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