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Cleaning tool for corroded AR pots


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Looking for something to clean those corroded Aetna-Pollak rheostats?

I've had good success with MCM's "Superbrush" ($11.99). 800-543-4330. It's a brush within a pen like device that you can advance as it wears.

It should work reasonable well as long as the pots are not pitted too much.

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Guest matty g

Carl -

Those brushes work very well - just watch out for the fiberglass needles they drop. They can get under your skin and they feel just like cactus needles.

Also very useful for cleaning those troublesome rheostats is the small brass "toothbrush" sold at many auto parts stores. It's just aggressive enough to clean them without damaging the delicate wirewound section. I like to coat the wipers and wirewound section with just a little "Oxguard" to prevent corrosion from returning. Oxgaurd is a solution available in electrical supply houses that we use on outdoor connections to prevent corrosion, and I've had good luck with it.


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