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AR-MST 1st Gen

Guest Louisboo

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Hi there;

Actually there is quite a bit written about this and also version 2.

Intimate details are still out there somewhere.

Similar in design to the original AR-LST and AR-LST 2.

A baby AR-LST copy-cat that didn't do near as well as AR would have liked, sales wise.

Someone decided that the 4th tweeter was a problem and eliminated it in later production.

I believe that there was an interaction problem, I am just trying to remember.

A souped up AR-4x, tweeter wise, I have never heard them but I would imagine I would enjoy listening to them.

They may have been in the wrong price range or competing with another AR model?

If someone wants to donate a pair for me to live with it, it would be very much appreciated.

It would be nice to read some members write-up who owns or has owned a pair or more and which version.

It would also be interesting to see the different crossover schematics and cabinet dimensions as well.

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