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AR-2/AR-2A Woofer repair


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Hi there;

I was thinking about a problem that I have, well actually several.

Several AR-2/AR-2A woofers that I bought, have suffered from old age.

More specifically, the surrounds and spiders have detached from the aluminum die-cast frames.

One has only a slightly detaching cloth surround, if it was left un-noticed, would have allowed the woofer to flop back and forth without any support after a while.

That voice coil would have started rubbing and buzzing, for certain.

Without the acoustic seal more serious damage may have happened.

I am not familiar as to what type of glue AR used to bond the cloth surround and spider to the very smooth die-cast aluminum frames.

While the cone was loose, I identified it's correct rotation and removed it completely from the frame, after un-soldering the leads.

I then took a business card and backward wrapped a few wraps of masking tape and ran it around inside the magnet gap to clean out any shavings, etc..

I them used a 2 part epoxy to re-attach the spider and the surround to the frame.

First, I sandpaper etched the aluminum surface so that the epoxy would have a rough surface to bond to.

I carefully cut around the perimeter of the dust dome, leaving about 1/4" left attached, to pivot the dome with.

I was able to shim and provide a fairly invisible closure as well.

I may even go the distance and cut and glue the plastic screening material over the open frame casting holes.

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Guest matty g

Hi Vern -

I had the same problem with the masonite ring holding the surrounds to the frames on my 2a's. I found what was left of a tube of adhesive for the drum seals on my clothes dryer, so I decided to give it a try. It worked beautifully - it even looks like the brown goo that AR used at the factory. This adhesive is designed to hold the felt and vinyl seals to the smooth metal drum of the dryer, and once it sets up it holds very well. It can handle high temperatures, too - might be good for the spiders? It's available at appliance part supply houses.


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Hi Matt;

I just saw your write-up.

I'll check out that glue, thank you.

I was very tired and very quickly read your note.

At first, my brain said that you found the tube in the dryer's drum.

I was thinking what a coincidence that you would find something so appropriately convenient for glueing our speakers in the drum. DUH!

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