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AR 2AX Cross-over CAP Replacement


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I'm rebuilding a set of AR 2AX speakers. I'm very impressed by the use of 3/4" plywood (without checks) and the over-all craftmanship in the AR design.

I plan on replacing the pots and the Caps in the Cross-Over - that's where I need some help.

The Cap is made by Industrial Condenser Corp, the same brand that was used in a pair of AR 3as I restored with a twist. This Cap has three wires:

- Green 6 MFD going to mid pad

- Blue going to Term 1 and to a coil connected to the blue woofer lead on the other end.

- Black 4 MFD goes to the tweeter PAD

I was assuming the replacement would take two Caps (one 6 MFD and one 4 MFD), but I'm kind of confused by the three lead placement.

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. I could always replace the Pads and leave the Cap "as is" but I would rather replace it (or them) while I'm in ther current stage of the project.

Thanks in advance.


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Guest Ozmoid

Glen, you do need 2 caps to replace the original. The blue wire will be common to both caps, they will attach like a "Y". The 6uf cap to green, and the 4uf cap to black.

AR used a cap that had two taps, one at 6uf and one at 4uf.

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