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Restore AR TSW-510s?

Guest donvieweg

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Guest donvieweg


First post.

Eight months ago I purchased a Fisher 500-C from a local gentleman. He visited yesterday to view and hear his unit that I've now fully restored and he brought with him and gave to me his used AR TSW-510 speakers. I've looked over the AR brochure and know these to be from '86 or 87 and to have had a list price of about $899 at the time.

Are these worth restoring and what would be their relative value in good shape?

What they'd need:

1. Refoaming bass and mid drivers

2. One tweeter replaced

3. Repair or replace one front grille support

4. One AR badge

5. Replace black material covering the same front grille support.

They sound fairly good, even with a bass driver with a hole in the foam I can put my thumb through and with only one tweeter working. Dispersion is Ok and they are full range.

I'm not that big a fan of metal dome tweeters so I would only keep them if someone could provide a good argument why I should. I have considered keeping them so the kids could use them for their parties.

If the relative value is still over . . . say . . . $100 . . .or if I could get more than the cost of replacing the parts from scavenging and winning ebay auctions or from forum members, is it worth it to refinish the tops and bottoms and restore them from a market perspective? That is, is the restoration worth the effort if I try and sell them when finished? Or would this be a labor of love kind of thing?

Thanks and best regards,


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