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AR3a improved USA (Frankenstein)


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I have finalized the second Frankenstein USA 3a with original 3a drivers to become possibly the first US cabinet improved version. I have not seen a set like this before.(perhaps i am wrong)

They sound marvellous and much better than with the older style XO and defective pots.


The best 100€ investment i made lately. They sound exactly the same as the EU improved i already have thus uniting sonically as 1 speaker now. As they are stacked this is a lot of power. The only set in the stack being different to these 2 improved sets is the Limited version( Tonegen mid and bass/AR11 tweeter) with my home made limited xo inside. Actually they sound the same but the limited probably needs to have lpads to reduce output to match the improved better. I did not have them at hand. As i removed a pair from the Frankensteins i will likely add them primarily to the mids as they are more forward than the limited. (Maybe a second lpad will be necessary for the tweeter) Other than that i am more than pleased and satified with the outcome.20240709_160949.thumb.jpg.6b05a559732843b3cf611c0513578178.jpg20240709_161005.thumb.jpg.8ba380fa404483d0023c054221c91143.jpg

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