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Photo's Added! NEW pair aR3a's For Sale


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Hi Folks,

I am an admitted audiophile with a particular leaning toward vintage gear.  After being the original owner of two different pair of aR3a's in my life (I currently still own one), I am currently selling a brand new pair of aR3a's I acquired from the original owner.  They had been in heat and humidity regulated storage since early 1971 and are factory-labelled  #48674 and #48020.  I unpacked them, examined them and photographed them.  They are otherwise completely untouched -- I feel a serious collector/user might value a pair that has never been opened, modified or tampered with. I am listing them for $4500 as they may very well be the only new pair in North America.

If any of you have serious interest, please contact me at wdesbrow@zoominternet.net.

Thanks.  I appreciate everything you do and wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season.

NOTE: The badges are shown with the original factory protective adhesive tape still adhered.  They are perfect.

wayne desbrow



New aR3a's A sides.jpg

New aR3a's B sides.jpg

New aR3a's Bottom View.jpg

New aR3a's Fronts.jpg

New aR3a's Original Boxes Front.jpg

New aR3a's Original Boxes Side.jpg

New aR3a's Rear View.jpg

New aR3a's Speaker A Testing Certificate.jpg

New aR3a's Speaker B Testing Certificate.jpg

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