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2005 Interview with AR's Visionaries Edgar Villchur and Roy Allison

Guest Russ

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Intro from Stereophile Magazine's interview: (please click on link at bottom to read article at magazine site). This should be acceptable copyright use.

"In 1954, a New York writer and teacher reinvented the world of audio with the modest-looking Acoustic Research AR-1 loudspeaker. A small fraction of the size of the behemoths that were then de rigeur for the reproduction of bass frequencies, Edgar Villchur's loudspeaker went as low with less distortion. Perhaps more importantly, the AR-1 pioneered both the science of speaker design and the idea that a low-frequency drive-unit could not be successfully engineered without the properties of the enclosure being taken into account.

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Villchur's revolutionary idea and his founding (with the late Henry Kloss) of the Acoustic Research company, I asked David Lander to interview not only Villchur but also Roy Allison. Allison played a major role in the company's fortunes for several years before leaving in 1972, but more importantly, extended Villchur's idea of system engineering to one where a complete loudspeaker should not be designed without taking the properties of the listening room into account." —John Atkinson - Stereophile Magazine


Poster's note: After restoring 2 AR-2X's and finding them to be very nice speakers to listen to, I found this interview with the pioneer genius of the modern speaker to be fascinating. Russ Browne

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