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Dump Rescue 4x Rehab: Few questions...

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Guest Islands Innovation

Hi folks,

I found a pretty beatup pair of 4x's at the dump a couple years ago, and am finally getting around to doing something with them.

Woofers are both in good shape and sound fine.

Tweeters are both blown. Ordered a used set off eBay.

Both pots are rough and scratchey.

Grills are both stained buy intact. Both need cloth.

Cabinets have a few rough spots. There is some significant water staining on the end of one, and some of the corners are separated a bit. Still solid, but a little rough looking. The veneer is a bit puckered on all sides, I imagine from sitting in the garage at the dump (the dump guy had grabbed them and had them hooked up to other various rescued components, but gladly gave them to me when I recognized what they were). I plan to fill the corners in, sand and oil them, and see how they look.

I have a few questions for the experts:

1) The pots do not look too bad...planning to clean and reuse. The coils are nice and clean, just the center ring is corroded.

I have seen mention of dielectric grease. Seems like that would be good for corrosion control. Should I grease both center ring and the coil? Or just the center ring?

2) Any advice on removing the water stain? It is bad enough that it looks like a bleach treatment might be necessary. However, if anyone has some simpler approaches, I'm all ears.

3) Does anyone know of a source for relatively cheap grill cloth? These cabinets are not really worth a full restoration. I probably wouldn't bother with them if they didn't come with the dump story...

Thanks! Jeff

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