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AR at the San Francisco Airport Museum


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The display at the San Francisco Airport Museum is up and running for those who happen to be traveling through San Francisco's airport. Links to the museum are as follows:


"The History of Audio: The Engineering of Sound"

*Stereophile* magagine also had a short section in one of their issues on the museum display:


In the museum, an AR-3 (happens to be mine) is on prominent display, representing the accomplishments of the acoustic-suspension woofer and the hemispherical "dome" tweeter. Edgar Villchur is also featured in a life-sized poster, and his prominence was highlighted by his recent placement in *HFN* as the #1 most-important pioneer in audio over the past fifty years.


AR-3 on display at SFAM


Edgar Villchur (1963)


San Francisco Airport Museum

--Tom Tyson

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Congratulations, and a big thank you, Tom for once again letting your priceless, personal AR collection help spread the word of audio history to the masses.

I couldn't help but notice that in Stereophile's article, their long-standing anti-AR bias once again came to the fore: they couldn't bring themselves to actually show a picture of either the AR-3 or Ed Villchur. They're so predictable, even after all these years.

Steve F.

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