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I finally got around to replacing the grills on my pair of AR-3's (good rainy day project). While I had the grills off, I thought I would remove the fiber glass insulation and weigh it. Also looked for dates of manufacture while poking around inside. I thought I would post this information for anyone who was interested.

Serial number 17966, date on fiber board holding the cross over: 27 August 1962; weight of fiber glass (small blocks light brown in color)2 lb 8.5 oz

Serial number 18079, date on fiber board ? ? 1962; weight of fiber glass 2 lb 5.3 oz.

When I obtained these from a friend in March of 2002, I cleaned the potentiometers. I cleaned them again before replacing the drivers just to be safe. I have these speakers on stands about eight inches high in the front corners of the room. Sound great.

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