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Speakers to dream and drool over AR9 LSi


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I’m probably breaking some rule here, but wanted everyone to know that a set of AR9 LSi’s is currently on eBay:

Acoustic Research AR9 LSi speakers Item number: 110010025684


Now, if I was planning on bidding, there is no way I’d share this. Alas if I brought these beautiful speakers into my house, my wife would move me … OUT!

She just doesn’t understand. She thinks my set of AR3a’s, set of TSW610’s and my AR subwoofer are enough.

Any bets on what these speakers will finally sell for??

Problem with pricing used equipment is that it’s highly a function of condition (i.e. how much wear and tear). From the pics these appear to be in good shape, but … you never know.

Those of you that have a set of AR9 LSi’s how do you like them? What are their weaknesses?

These are from the Teledyne era. Sometimes large corporations pay more attention to cost cutting than quality.


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