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Any Difference between AR1 and AR1-W?

Guest zappa

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The AR-1 is a two way speaker, woofer and an Western Electric designed full range drver(Altec 755A) which was used for high frequencies. the AR1W was a woofer only speaker, deisigned to be used with a high frequency unit like the Janszen 130. Both AR-1 and AR1W had cabinets of the same size. Tom T. can Provide many further details and history.

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Hi there;

I'll just add a little bit to this topic now.

If you want a good deep bass speaker, not for disc levels, then the AR-1W would be the answer.

I do not know it's upper cutoff frequency, unfortunately.

It usually goes for about $100.00 - $200.00+ on ebay each.

The AR-1 is a horse of a different colour.

The woofer can be used only or with it's included and compatible tweeter.

The going price of an AR-1W, is around the $100.00 - $200.00+ mark, versus an AR-1 at $500.00 - $2500.00+ per pair.

An 8" tweeter alone, sells for about $500.00 - $1500.00+ each.

When the AR-1 first came out, some folks, that still had money, would have added a Janszen 1-30 4 panel tweeter array, to either model by laying them on their side.

There is a photo in the AR library of such a pairing.

The oldest woofers did not have the roll surround, damping ring and looked quite, plain.

There again I do not know the AR-1's crossover frequency.

Good luck.

I just went to ebay and #250006409052 has 2 - AR-1W's at a starting price of $382.00 or buy it now at $482.00 for a pair.

These are early AR woofers.

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