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another 2ax restored

Guest spgjmf

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Guest spgjmf

hi all,

it seems the 2ax is enjoy a rebirth...several restores on the list.

I just finish my restore of my dad's 2ax speakers. 30 years in the

hot attic...quick run down

new cloth woofer

replaced XO caps

cleaned pots ( might replace ...)

stripped cabs and watco oilded. watch that thin veneer.

new linen.

they are great speakers...but seems one mid is fuzzy/distored...

will check wires, but considering replacemnt (vintage or modern...suggestion?)

here is a pic for your enjoyment (with shoebox driver too ). I intend to put more pics of the restore up on my yahoo site soon. will provide link.

geart place this forum...best to all AR listeners.


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