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Stacking AR90's Inverted?


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I saw this post of someone reminiscing on personal "Loudspeaker Hall of Fame" selections. Check out the idea on stacking AR90's in inverted fashion, in effect, creating a whole other speaker. (It is (E) in the first post)


Have any of you out there ever had an occasion to listen to AR90's set up in this fashion? If or if not, what are your thoughts?



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I've heard of the idea but have never heard the idea put into practice first hand. Personaly, I suspect (OK, I know) the WAF would be extremely low if implemented in my home. I've no interest in the idea personally as the pair of 90s I own are quite sufficient for the cause. If I could find a pair of AR9's within a reasonable drive, they would likely be mine.

I have heard speakers I like better than what I have, but I will not part with $16K to get them.

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