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AR3a Reborn

Guest pbda

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Guest pbda

A couple of years ago I picked up a pair of AR3a's on eBay. Once refoamed, they sounded great, but looked terrible: scratches on the cabinets, warped veneer with flowerpot ring on the top of one, etc. The grilles were appalling: torn, yellowed, stained. The grille frames were broken in several places.

I finally got around to getting the speakers "checked out", courtesy of Larry Lagace ("vintage-ar" on eBay). Larry tested the drivers (all working perfectly) and the mid and tweeter controls (scratchy but basically working fine).

He also-and this is the point of the post-did the most incredible job on the cosmetics of the speakers (see photos below): He refinished the cabinets, including replacing the damaged veneer, repaired the grille frames and installed new fabric and brass badges. I believe that the speakers may now look better than they did when new. I only wish I'd had the foresight to take a few "before" pictures.

No effect on the sound, of course, but oh boy do these babies look fine! A real joy to look at now, as well as to listen to. (See my upcoming post on what 3a's can do with Saint Saens' organ symphony.)






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Guest Eunomians

I find that with a little love and devotion, these darlings can indeed be resurrected from the dead. I have just finished my AR3a restoration a few days ago, and sheesh, there was a fair amount of work that needed to be done. But now that it's finished, the speakers are a sight to behold; not to mention, to listen to, as well.

Larry is a great asset with great products. Your speakers look amazing.


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