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AR Model Number Logic

Guest tgw

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Guest tgw

OK, this is a post of someone with nothing better to think about (but then again it deals with AR speakers and that of course is worthy of thought).

I am trying to understand the logic of how the early classic AR speakers (first four models) came to get the "a" or "x" added. Beginning with the AR-1, Edgar or Henry or whoever did the labeling came up with the AR-1W to denote an AR-1 with only the 12" woofer. That I can understand.

Then with the AR-2, they added a super tweeter and declared this creation the AR-2a. So far so good, you add a driver and put the "a" after the model number. When they improved the AR-4 by changing the tweeter to the 2.5 inch, they add the "x" to denote the improvement. So more drivers warrant the "a" and improved drivers warrant the "x".

But then they improve (some may disagree) the AR-3 by changing the tweeter or mid range, but instead of adding the "x", they add the "a".

But then they improve the AR-2 and AR-2a by changing the tweeter and add the "x" to denote this with the AR-2x and AR-2ax (once again using the "x" as they did with the AR-4). And from what I read, they finally just gave up adding letters to the AR-2's and came out with new versions of both with no name change at all, known only by serial number and the new emblem on the grill.

And finally they once again "improve" the tweeter in the AR-4x and call it the AR-4xa.

Can anyone enlighted me regarding this?

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