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Diffraction in AR-3.


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I am told that the bessel on the front of the subject speaker

causes diffraction problems an that can be corrected

with accoustic material around the side of the bessle. ?

I have not been in the position to hear AR-3a but reading the

the refenence material on this site is the AR-3a a much improved

product over the AR-3. I know it subjective.

Hooked up AR-3, no Tweeter or Mid (POTs) Then just to listen to

them I hooked a inexpensive ribbin tweeter (Radio ShacK) with a

16MFD in series. The sound is not bad ( of course no tweeter diffraction problems-tweeter set on top of speaker).

Question is the Base and MID sold by Lane orginal or is it one

the AR current parts.

Regards Lon

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