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Refurbishment of AR-18S

Guest Oz

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Dear Forum Members

I recently received a pair of AR-18S speakers, which as far as I know were built in 1982. The surrounds are completely gone but otherwise, apart from some scratches on the cabinet they seem to be in good condition. I have never attempted repairing speakers and therefore would appreciate some advice from experienced AR afficianados regarding the following three areas:

1. If I choose to replace the surrounds myself I understand that I may not succeed in completely repairing the driver since there may be problems with the voice coil or spider. Is there any way that a novice like myself can discern a damaged spider or voice coil? If I have them repaired is there a particular brand of surround that I should ask for or avoid? I know that people have recommended Miller Sound but since I am in Israel this is not feasible.

2. Does anybody have experience with the kits offered by wooferepair.com?

3. My third question relates to the cabinet. I am considering having them painted with lacquer or a glossy automotive finish, like those found on KEF Ref Series, since the cabinets aren't in pristine condition and I thought this might give them a nice modern look. Does anyone have experience in refinishing, repairing or recovering the original vinyl veneer. If the cabinets have to go into an oven for curing what would I need to remove aside from the drivers? If I do need to remove the crossover does anybody know how this is done since the cabinet is sealed?

Any advice would be most appreciated.

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