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Mystery Type A Feature


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Get your way back hats on. So I'm a proud owner of a set to Type A in excellent condition (serial numbers 856/855) and recently replaced the woofers sourced from Atomic HiFi. They sound marvelous. These speakers were originally purchased at the Absolute Sound in Ann Arbor in 1979. I'm the second owner and have enjoyed them for quite some time. Recently I spotted a pair of early As, serial numbers in the mid 300s, which have a feature I've only seen on Type IIIs see attached pic. There's a switch which rolls off the highs on the upper cabs that do not appear on later As (like mine). So I'm confused as to whether this was some of Peter S's "tinkering" or if in fact this was an original design feature on early As. They are a very good price and I'll probably pick them up regardless. Any info from fellow Type A fans out there would be appreciated.

Early Type A.jpg

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