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AR-6 recap and surround refoam guidance


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Hi all, 

I have recently been gifted a pair of AR-6 in great cosmetic condition but require new woofer surrounds and I suspect recapping.

My pair seems to match the versions shown by ReggaeBen here (see below), and I’m also in Australia. 

I’m seeking guidance as follows please:

any recommendations for surround kits, preferably in Australia? I understand that might be a bit limiting, so I am open to international options, price permitting . I am considering these https://qsr.net.au/shop/diy-speaker-repair-kits/all-models-surround-kits/8-ar-foam-surround-kit-for-ar4-ar6-ar8-ar10-fs-179-148/  Any Aussie members with experience of QSRs kits?

Also, in considering the recap, any suggestions about how to best remove the old hot glue from around the 3 position switch so I can replace the tweeter cap? Or do I just snip the wire close to the end of the old cap and then join the wires ( seems a bit messy)

Finally, any info on where the woofers fit in the AR-6 lineage? Per photo below, serial number is 1210037-OB. 

Cheers, Paul




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