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ISO T-1030 donor to build C-1030


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I’m searching for a T-1030 set in rough shape. Maybe bad woofers and/or cabinets.  
I really only need one for its mid, tweeter and x-over.  I’m open to purchasing either a single or a pair. 

I’m going to build a C-1030, similar to my C-830. 
See attached link for reference:


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I’m considering shifting gears on the project, as a 930II pair has popped up locally w/ rough cabinets & rotted woofer surrounds.  All that the new center needs is the midrange and tweeter.  

The mids & tweeters are identical between 1030 & 930II. The x-over points are close enough (just a different point at mids & woofers). 

After reading recent posts regarding x-overs for either speaker, my question is this:  is it possible to modify the 930II x-over to eliminate the woofers and still present the amp w/ an impedance somewhere close to the 1030 (around 4 ohms)?

I have very little experience w/ x-over repairs/mods/builds and would appreciate any advice. 

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I’m taking this in a slightly different direction.  I’ll keep all three drivers in the cabinet. 
I’ll cut it down to 23” and make up the lost internal volume by adding what was cut off the bottom to the back.  
It’ll be a short & deep T930II that’ll fit under my TV. 

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