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Ideas for AR8BX woofer replacement ?

Guest Uden

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Hi all,

i need to replace the woofers in my AR8BX speakers. As AR isn't sold in the Netherlands anymore (at least i can't find any stores), i am looking for an alternative woofer that matches size and is compatible with the filter and box.

So my questions:

- who has experience with alternative woofers.

- who can tell a bit more about the filter used in the AR8BX so i can look for a alternative woofer myself.

- is it worth the troubles (i still like the sound of my AR8bx, but they have moved to my study and are no longer part of the main hifi set and not worth huge investments)

- any other suggestions

thanks for your help!


p.s. i can easily get components from Vifa, Seas, Peerless, Gradient, Focal, Ariel, Morel, Dynaudio, Visaton, Eton, Scan-speak.

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