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AR-2AX midrange drop-out?


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Hi there;

I have been staring off and on at a photo of an AR-2AX mid driver, mounted on an early adapter plate, on ebay #5869037171 for a few days now.

Yes, I did go to sleep.

What I realized tonight is, the AR homemade wire resistor that they made out of resistor coil wire.

They wrapped it around a piece of hardboard and soldered it to the rear of the driver.

The wire would be tempered and not solderable, normally.

I wrote last year about an AR-4X I serviced under warantee with that same type wire.

It had been returned for a second time, under warantee, and a piece of tempered wire had been used as a jumper wire inside.

Oxidation caused enough resistance to end the signal.

The actual wire is inside the solder, but is not actually adhering to it, sort of like a pierced earing.

I wonder how many times a diagnosed dead midrange or other driver, was nothing, but that wire instead.

I hope, that someone says, that they have a dead midrange, and that us all that is wrong with it.

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