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History and Info of AR X-series receivers and other AR electronics


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There isn't much info out there on the electronics line AR produced in the 80s (90s?). There were a few amps, receivers, a tuner, maybe a cd player. I vaguely remember seeing an ad playing up the aesthetics (black sloping front panels) more than the sound quality or internal design.

Any insight into the history, marketing, success of this line? They don't LOOK like rebadged/OEMed products - at least from the outside - but I can't believe that AR would have manufactured (or contracted the manufacturing of) a dedicated line... or would they have? do they share any design lineage with the classic AR amp, tuner, and receiver?

What's the story behind these? Were they any good? Were the competitive with their contemporaries (e.g., the NADs, etc., of the time.)

Curious minds want to know. (well, at least mine does!) thx in advance.

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Hi Mike

I do not know much about the series in general, but I recently acquired the AR A-06 amplifier. It is said to be able to drive even difficult speakers with high inductive and/or capacitative load and I want to use it for my AR-10Pi's currently under restoration. I have tried it with my Mission 751 speakers, also known to be a difficult loudspeaker to drive, and it improved sound considerably to the HK AVR 2000 receiver, I have used to drive them before. A warm and dynamic sound.

Service manuals can be found in the Library, except for the latest amplifier A-07. I have attached a picture of the series, since that is misiing in the library.

Best Regards



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Guest seanhfd

I can give you a little history from an owners perspective. I originally purchased an entire set of AR electronics when they were introduced in the mid 80's. Beginning with the P-10 power amp, the C-06 preamp, the Tuner, the CD-06 (?) single cd player, all with remote control access. They powered the AR TSW-910 and TSW-810 speakers. The tuner stopped working in the mid 90's and the CD player was rendered non functional by my then 4-year old son. He opened the tray and deposited a shovel full of ashes from the fireplace and pressed close! They were very good components and the speakers were fabulous. I still own and use the amp, pre-amp and one set of speakers (TSW 810), which I have just had refurbished. As I recall, the original retail price for the components and speakers was $6,000 or $7,000. Pretty pricey for the time. They all resembled the look and appearance of the TSW Series speaker design. All black with an angled front. I thought they looked very cool.


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