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Acoustic Research. 1210079 AR J Series


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I have been offered six 12" Woofer with AR Item # 1210079 for a reasonable price. On the net I have seen it reffered to as AR J Series. Does anybody know of this driver? How does it compare to the classical 12" woofer AR# (1)200003-0, which it looks very much like.

Best regards Klaus


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I have found this quote from Tom Tyson in another thread about the 12" flatsided woofer:

"By the late 1970s AR introduced the AR-9 and other versions of the 12-inch speaker such as the AR-58, AR-78 and so forth. However, the woofer used in all of these still had the same basic parameters as the original 1954 AR-1 woofer. Basically, all these flat-side woofers are interchangeable, and have almost identical characteristics with only minor differences. Power-handling is much greater on the later woofers, but the distortion, frequency response and so forth (when mounted identically) are all very close."

So I think I will take the chance and buy all six of them, it looks like it could even be an improvement from a powerhandling point of view.

Best Regards Klaus

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This is the Connoisseur 50, apparently marketed by a different model number in Europe.

I owned these speakers from 1987-1991 and thought they were quite good. With their large 6" midrange driver and low (2500Hz) mid-to-tweeter x-o, they were a bit more directional in the mid (for better "audiophile" imaging, that was so in vogue at that time) and somewhat brighter in the highs than the 3a-11 products. (I must admit that I did prefer the 3a-11 style of sound, however.)

The 50's low end seemed roughly equivalent to the 3a-11-91. I've owned all four models and can characterize their LF perfornmance as being within a fairly tight window.

Steve F.

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