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AR-1 Crossover Frequency ?


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>At what frequency does the woofer crossover to the Western

>Electric/Altec 755A in the AR-1 ??


The crossover was at 1000 Hz, +/- a Hz or two. Incidentally, one of AR's few published specifications (aside from response curves) was the performance of the AR-1 woofer as stated in the October, 1955 issue of *High Fidelity* magazine:

"Response: low-frequency section, 38 to 1000 cycles +/- 1-1/2 dB, down 6 dB at 30 cycles; high-frequency section, 1000 to 13,000 cycles +/- 5 dB. Distortion: less than 1.5% from 35 to 13,000 cycles, and 3.2% at 30 cycles at 10 watts input, corner mounting...."

The Western Electric-designed 755A was always an Altec Lansing version, as WE was out of the speaker business long before AR was begun.

--Tom Tyson

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