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I have a pair of AR LST-2's and I am looking wiring diagram. Any idea where I can get one? The speakers were purchased new by my father in the mid 70's. The cabinets are in very good condition. One Cabinet is fully functional. The other cabinet has blown tweeters.

I purchased HI-VI Q1Rs that I dropped in as replacements while I look for tweeters. A very nice 1" dome tweeter for $14.40 each! This required no modification to the cabinet but did require minor modification to the front flange of the Q1Rs.

I refoamed both woofers. One cabinet seems to have more base output. I switched woofers and higher base level stayed with the cabinet. I switched amplifier channels and the higher base level stayed with the cabinet. So now it is time to look at the crossovers. I checked the 72uf cap in the wooofer network with my ohm meter and I can charge and discharge it. It does not appear to be shorted but I have no way to measure the value. Maybe the value has changed over time.

Any help would be appreciated.


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