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Tom, I'm Just a little curious


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>Just out of curiosity, what is Roy Allison's reaction to all

>the interest here on the forum in the collection and faithful

>restoration of classic AR designs ?


Roy Allison is pretty far removed from the issues of the old speakers and the history and so forth. I am sure that he is proud to see the passion regarding these speakers, but he's never said it to me as such. Remember that he migrated forward through Allison Acoustics and other iterations well-after AR, so his thoughts are probably more with respect to the later designs than the early AR speakers. On the other hand, he has been very generous to answer any question I've asked about the old AR speakers, but I worry that I can easily "wear out my welcome" with him. I therefore try to ask him only the most difficult-to-solve questions.

Incidentally, Ed Villchur is the same way with his generosity. Both Roy and Ed Villchur are thirty-to-forty years "removed" from Acoustic Research. Try to imagine how difficult it would be to remember details about something that far back! However, there was a culture at AR that began with Villchur and Allison that each and every letter written to them would be answered, and I believe that they did that without fail. This "culture" appears to have survived with both men!

--Tom Tyson

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