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Sorry seller


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Hi there;

I wrote a while ago about an item that a fellow member had offered for sale here on this site.

The write-up was not intended to upset or embarass anyone.

The seller had mentioned a fault with the item for sale, in passing.

I felt the fault warranted more serious discussion following that ad, on site, not via private emails.

I suggested that to the seller, in my opinion, and with that fault in mind, what I felt that the price should be.

I did suggest a moderately reduced price to offset the then available part's replacement cost.

In my opinion the fault was something that the average user could not repair.

I also felt that, as is, there was the possiblity of serious damage to speakers and even to an amplifier if used even slightly carelessly.

I was really hoping that we would have some constructive commentary following my write-up.

Un-fortunately the seller did not enter into further on-site debate but took my write-up as an attack.

I was really trying to help the member buyer moreso, but also advising the seller of my concern.

I'm sorry to the seller for my un-clear intentions at that time.

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