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Difference between the AR-3 and AR-3a

Guest OldRelayer

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>Can someone explain the differences and advantages of one

>speaker over the other?





Hi Barry;

I am not an expert in this area but here goes.

The AR-3 was a ground breaker speaker system, using a successfuly tried and true AR-1 12" acoustic suspension woofer, and entirely newly designed tweeters and midranges drivers.

The woofer had already established a revolutionary clean low bass response from a compact enclosure, that would fit on a strong shelf and at an affordable price.

By offering dome tweeters and mid ranges that were smooth off axis and handled a fair amount of power was the icing on the cake.

They set a hifi quality standard that other companies tried to emulate but few came even close to, but there was also the copycats though.

After years of success, a re-designing of the AR-3's drivers materials, size and shape and improved power handling and dispersion characteristics established an even higher standard again with the new AR-3A.

In it's day, the AR-3A was considered, by a lot of authors, the very best available.

This is now, and they are still very much in demand by those who can appreciate them.

There was comments of heaviness in male voices with the 3's.

Honkiness was reported with the 3A's.

A peak around 1khz was mentioned as well.

I don't think 2 reviewers ever agreed on everthing but generally they were the speakers of choice during their own individual reigns.

Much sought after after all these years, both models, but the 3A's are moreso by some collectors.

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