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Bozak B-800, etc

Lee Ewald

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I have 6 Bozak 8" aluminum cone speakers....... with different designations.  Examples are B-800A, B-800, B-800Bc, M-109c, etc.  I know these were used in different applications and had different characteristics.  Did Bozak ever publish data on these various drivers???  I have what might be considered Bozak B-305 custom built cabinets.  However instead of the standard tweeters and the B-209 mid-range, I used 2) B-199A's and a single B-800A lower midrange.  For the top end, I used Janszen 130 4 element electrostatic tweeters that were pretty flat from 500 hz to 20,000 hz.  I would appreciate any info that can be provided.  Also does anyone know of a source for the 2.5" dust cap?  I have a few that are dented.  Also, how about a source for 8" cork gaskets???


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