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Heat sink on tweeter of CR8

Steve H

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Just picked up a really nice pair of CR8s.  Quite impressive sound and build quality.  Do have this question:  looking through port hole it seems heat sinks on back of tweeters are slightly different.  Is that possible or maybe just a function of installation location?  Also not sure this is relevant but consecutive serial #s are 568xx and 568xy.  Thinking maybe this was  towards end of production?  Could have been cause?  Altogether just curious as speakers sound great.  Thanks in advance for thoughts.

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Above is a never mind 😀.  Using better light source and different angle, they appear identical.  That said, thoughts or reviews of CR8 are welcome as well as BA in general.  I just spent 10-15 minutes reading sections of BA’s 1995-2005 Annual Reports (form 10-K) and it was fascinating seeing “life cycle” of the entity.  Going from $50M in sales around 1995 to over $100M at one point (attributable to supplying Gateway computer with speakers) then back down to $50M around the time they got bought out in 2005.  And the whole while, never appeared to have lost money.  In fact always made $4-5M every year.  Company must of been well run.

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