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dynaco or AR


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>does anyone have any knowledge or listening comparison for

>the dynaco a-10s compared to the Ar 4x speakers, i notice a

>pair of a-10s going on ebay and was curious. any thoughts.

>thanks john

Hi John;

I have seen A-10's listed and they usually go at around $125.00+ a pair.

If you like Dynaco A-25's, you'll like A-10's.

Same tweeter and smaller woofer with same magnet as 10" woofer.

Dry sounding, same as A-25, A-35 and A-50, but enjoyable.

Not as much bass as the A-25's.

I don't remember ever seeing A-10 woofers for sale, might make one cause for concern and fuse happy.

No level adjustment, not a big deal, that is what good preamps are for.

If one was to own but one speaker system, you would not be doing too badly.

I would put the AR-4X's ever so slightly above them though.

It really boils down to personnal taste.

They would fit in with AR-4X, EPI 100, Dynaco A-25, ADC 404, KLH Seventeen, and many others.

Each other brand has its own character but I would call them all cousins if not brothers by comparison.

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