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help with pricing

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I have a pair of AR-90s that my dad bought in the UK during the late 70s. He gave them to me in 1997 and they've been lugged from PA to CO, CO to Italy, and from Italy to AK. I haven't used them since 1999 in CO. I have the original boxes and documentation. The cabinets are in good shape, the grills are in good shape (one had a little candle wax spilled on it) it needs all 4 10" woofers and one 8" mid (foam, cones deteriorated) refurbished. The speakers are amazing, but I don't have a big enough space for them and they take up too much room. I feel bad having them sit around. I haven't had an amp that could really drive them since high school and that amp met it's demise during a hot summer day.

I'm looking to put them on craigslist or ebay and I'm wondering what is a good asking price. It kind of sucks (mail wise) being in AK, I'm not sure how shipping will work to the lower 48.

Thanks for any advice you can give.


dtotheatothevtothee AT gmail D0T com

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