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Cracked Polypropylene Cone (TSW 210)


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I recently purchased at a yard sale a pair of TSW 210s.  In the process of removing the gasket to refoam, the cone cracked. The crack is hairline from approximately 3/4 inch away from the dust cover and extends a couple of inches.  I was wondering about the following:

1.  Any suggestions regarding repair?  I have seen suggestions for paper cones but conflicting info for polypropylene cones (add additional rigidity to the backside of cone  with plastic or coffee filters at crack vs no backing to keep added weight as minimum as possible.

2.  In the event DIY repair is not feasible, is it worthwhile to get reconed by a professional?  

Thanks in advance.

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NB this is an untested suggestion but if no better solution presents itself should be worth giving it a go. I would try super glue "Loctite Super Glue All Plastics" should work well. Use one of those dispensers with a thin pipette so you can run a trail of glue along (and into) the crack. 

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