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KLH 32 restoration


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I recently picked up a pair of the KLH 32. I've ordered the goop from Vintage AR, and picked up a couple of the 4uf capacitors. 

Anyways when I opened it, I noticed someone had recapped it, but it had a 2.2uf 50v cap in there .. and everything I've read says these use 4uf. So I replaced one of the speakers caps with the 4uf and will do the other soon. I was curious what the difference would be between 2.2 and 4. I can't tell a huge amount of difference between the two, maybe in the 4 the highs are a tiny bit more pronounced (to understand the need for the dampening material). But also I did not test isolated with the woofers disconnected so I'm not 100% 

It sounds pretty good already. Will be great to get it sealed properly and hear it how it was designed. Some of the corners of the box are a bit out of alignment / flayed, possibly it got wet at some point. I was thinking to take it to a wood shop nearby and ask what they think it would take to 1) re-align the corners, 2) sand or prep for veneer (someone painted box black / very dark)


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