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AR 90's ---Simply Awesome


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I recently purchased a pair of AR 90's on ebay for $127. They were in need of repair (foam surround on 4 woofers and 2 lower mid ranges). Cabinets were perfect and they were in the original boxes. The grills were like new and it looked like I just picked them up from the audio store. I had to drive 200 miles to pick them up, but for this sound I would have driven 1000. I picked them up on Monday and after a few hours spent working on them yesterday I can truly say today that I have reached heaven. What an awesome sound--tight bass and excellent highs. When they came out in 78 I was in college and didn't have the funds to spend on them so I bought 2 pairs of AR 14's ($360 a pair). I sold them in 1994 for $1400 and the next day bought JBL L7's ($2000 a pair). It was a big upgrade, but they do not compare to the AR 90's. The 90's are solid as a rock. I am only driving them with a 75 wpc Harman Kardon. I am going to move them upstairs to a bigger room and hook them up to 100 wpc HK. The best part of the story is that I am only playing one speaker as I have not hooked up the other one yet.If one sounds this good I can't imagine what 2 will sound like (true stereo).

I have purchased a lot of speakers over the years, but somehow I always come back to AR---I guess because I don't get listener fatigue with them. I have the rock partners, 12's, 48b, 58b, tsw 510, 93 and now the 90's. I also have Advents and the JBL's, but none are close to the 90's. If these things sound this good I can't imagine what the 9's would sound like.

What I am trying to say is if you can find a pair of these awesome classics (regardless of price) pick them up and I guarantee you that you will be pleased. I am so happy I think I am going to get up and start dancing. I guess I finally hear what I have been missing. Instruments and voices are so clear they sound like angels--earth shaking bass and yes I am still just listening to one.They can handle jazz, r&b,opera, top 40--any kind of music.

I just had to stop and put this message out there.I have been wanting a pair of these for the last 25 years. So after spending $1.25 on the foam surround from MAT Electronics I am as happy as a lark. And I can truly say I have bought my last pair of speakers. These AR 90's will take me home


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