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AR-3a Crossover Trouble?

Guest Grayhouse

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Guest Grayhouse

Hi everybody. This is my first post here. I recently aquried a pair of early AR-3's and a pair of almost mint AR-3a's. The AR-3's are sounding great, but I think I may have a problem with the 3a's. The low end on the 3a's is very low on both speakers. It is so low that it is barely audible at times speacialy during vocal passages. I thought that maybe there was a problem with the woofers because I had just refoamed them, but I swaped them with the woofers from the AR-3's and it is still doing it, so at least I didn't screw up on the refoam job. I also disasembled and cleaned the L-pads as well so I know it's not that. The best way I can describe the sound coming from the 3a's is that they have an almost nasal quality to them. Is this normal for the 3a's, or is there a problem somewhere like with the crossovers? Bad caps perhaps? I don't know how that would effect the woofers, but I don't really pretend to know to much when it comes to x/o's. Any suggestions you guys might have is truly apreaciated.

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