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Books on Classic Loudspeakers

Guest alcon

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>Can anybody suggest a few good books on classic


Hi there;

A very good question and I am sure on the mind of many people.

I was waiting for someone else with some knowledge, to help you.

No one has come forward, so here goes nothing, or almost nothing. lol

There is no individual book, as such, at least, that I am aware of.

There may be a book published about JBL for example, but you would have to go to that site, for information about such a book, and I believe it would be entirely concerned with JBL, rather than include other brands.

AR did publish 2 very small hifi books, at least, but more importantly, there is numerous individual articles available on this site.

Some are in the AR library, which were published in regards to a dome speaker invention, a small enclosure and comparing live versus recorded music demos, etc, etc.

I am very positive, that the AR library, does not contain, all of the published articles, or interviews, but there is a wealth of reading material, if you like just AR.

As new members arrive they add to the information, whether by conversation, questions or printed matter.

There may be other information on the internet that is not here, such as, arsound.com, I believe, some in English, but primarily in Korean.

Due to copyright laws, test reports from some magazines, are not copyable to any site.

Even so, after 30 plus years, a fee would be required to post them here, each.

If you read from the oldest posts on this website, on the brand you favour, read the different topics and discussions, coming forward in time and also go to the links.

This will give you a better, not complete, but better, understanding of hifi history.

I believe, I read recently, that a longtime member is undertaking writing a book, regarding hifi and I assume it is about AR.

Please correct me members, if I am wrong on this point.

An enjoyable hobby and thank you for this question.

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Guest newjerseybt

I had one back in the early 70s. I will do some research. The book had plans for a bunch of classics. Pictured were the Bozaks with 12", 2 mid ranges and 8 tweeters. Model 810s?. They had the Altec A7s, Altec Valencia and Karlson with plans. It was soft cover.

They had pictures/plans for some other monster speakers 2/15s L&R that incorporated a fireplace as the centerpiece.

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