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VR950 or VR30 or VR-M50s?


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I have $150 - $200 to spend and the 3 models above are all available on my local Craigslist or FB Marketplace. 


I currently have CR6s as my mains, with a nice 10" Boston sub. Sounds great, a bit thin maybe. 

I'd like to move the CR6s to rear surrounds and step up the mains with something a bit fuller. I should note that this is a basement system where I spend a good chunk of my work hours. 

Obviously with these older VR series, it is hard to find comparisons. 

The VR950s are listed at $100. The VR30 is $200 but will take $150. The VR-M50s are $220. There are also some CR8s for $80. 


All good choices no doubt, which would you choose, assuming integration with a sweet Boston 10" sub?



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