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[$old] - Dynaco Grill Cloth * Excellent [Vintage] Condition * A-25 Size * One Piece Only


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Do you have a pair of Dynaco A-25s with one very nice grill and one ugly or damaged?

Here is one piece of genuine Dynaco speaker grill cloth in excellent vintage condition.  It is from one of my A-35s, and has been in my smoke-free home(s) since the mid ‘70s.  It is stain-free with no holes, no pulls, no weave gaps, just normal, typical color aging. The color is consistent from top to bottom except for a subtle lightening across the middle where the frame’s cross brace was.  This lighter area seems to blend in with the surrounding color when the cloth is positioned back on my A-35s black frame.  The top left and right photos involve camera shadows.    

The piece measures 12-1/4” x 21-1/4”.  It will no longer wrap to fit a A-35, but will generously fit an A-25 or A-25XL.  Pryor to cutting from the frame, low tack painter’s tape was applied to prevent fraying.  This tape will easily release.

The cloth will ship loosely rolled in a tube with no creases.

$(snooze-ya-lose)00.01 - mailed to you

If you wish, I can include my other stained grill cloth (no photo), at no cost.  I doubt there is enough “clean” area on this second piece for an A-25.  Perhaps it will be large enough for a Dynaco A-10.





top left.jpg

top right.jpg

bottom left.jpg

bottom right.jpg

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