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AR-9 part II

Guest hblauw

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Guest hblauw

So was it started !!!, ik found this pair of speakers in a secondhand market. for about 45 Euro thats 45 american dollars i think. (see the picture taken by my girlfriend with a nokia cellphone.) The funniest part was transporting this speakers in a Fiat panda to my home :-) and the hardest part was, i must find a company to refoam al the speakers. 2x2 11" basspeakers and 2 x7" midrange speakers. I found one see the pictures on my website www.blauwtjes.nl go to toppic Hans and click on it, The next page, there is a button with the text "the story of the speaker" click on it and there are some picture of the restorating the ar9. (click on a pictere to enlarge) This was a high cost operation 450 duch euro for refoaming the surrounds. and my old amp was not capable enought to drive this monters. So mine dissision was to buy another amps for bi-amping. The rotel RB-991 is driving the basspeakers, and a selfmade amplifier "model millenium cresendo from elekture" is powered to te mid and high range. the sound is unbelieveble. and i.m very happy with it..



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