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Jensen Model 2 Loudspeakers Rebuild

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Today was my first trip to a thrift store since the pandemic was declared, and I brought home what turned out to be a pair of Jensen Model 2 loudspeakers, build date Dec 1973.

I'm no stranger to vintage speakers, having rebuilt some KLH Model Thirty-One's a few years ago, but I'm far from being able to say I know what I'm doing when buying an old pair of "mystery-to-me" speakers.

The manufacturers' logo plate on each grill was unknown to me at the moment. I removed a front grill to reveal a woofer with decayed foam surround, and a mid-range driver; the latter being covered with a blue woven fabric. Made me think of KLH tweeters, so this was a good sign. The tone control on the back was another good sign.

Long story about what I hope is at least a mid-level speaker, but for $10.00, plus $15.00 for the re-foaming kit I will have another pair of vintage acoustic suspension bookshelf speakers.

I removed one woofer to check it with an ohm meter, which gave me a 5.1 ohm reading. 

I will not be replacing the crossover capacitor (one each) unless it is advisable to do so, or if I feel the need after the re-foaming.

The vinyl veneer will be coming off to be replaced with wood veneer, which for some reason I have on hand.

Any words of caution, encouragement, or discouragement will be welcomed.

Thoughts? Are these worth the effort?




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Reminds me of a KLH 32 but it looks like a 6.5" woofer. The crossover cap isn't one of the really terrible ones but I'd change it out. Unless the vinyl is really bad I wouldn't go to the trouble of re-veneering them. They may be decent speakers but they aren't "classic" speakers. If you really like the veneer idea, I'd do the re-foam and recap first and see if I liked them that much.

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Thanks for responding, Chris.

They are 8” woofers, and the veneer is peeling in places.
I think I will replace the cap after all.

The veneer will be a learning exercise for me, as will the re-foaming. Looks like I found a good pair of “lab-rats” to perform my experiments on! 😁


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That rear shot of the woofer looks familiar. I recently rescued a set of Advent Prodigy II speakers. I had to re-foam them and the woofer looked essentially identical to yours except I think the Advents had a bigger magnet. The Advents at that time were made by Jensen. I got the surrounds from Rick Cobb, a well known purveyor of surrounds.


It sounds like these would be good "lab rats" to experiment on.

Good Luck!

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Finished, and they sound pretty good. If they were my only speakers, I would be totally fine with them.

Turns out all I did was to refoam the woofers. Midrange drivers sound fine, so because I had a bit of a hard time settling on a suitable replacement for the capacitor, I kept the originals. Vinyl veneer will be able to be re-glued down with contact cement.

I left off the weird blue screens that covered the mids, as they sound fine without them.



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