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AR 312HO spare parts/restoration


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my name's Tony, from Italy. I own a pair of Acoustic Research AR 312 HO that i purchased a long time ago. It's been since more or less 5 years that i got some problems. Foam of the front panel has been deteriorated ( i saw many speakers of the High Output serie having this issues), an edge of a midbass driver has been broken and a dome dust protection of a tweeter also got broken. I can find some people here in Italy that can do the job but the problem is that they can't find the needed spare parts. It's a long time that I am looking for these spare parts everywhere but can't find anything. I saw this website yesterday during one of my internet search and I really hope someone could help me to restore my speakers  finding the spare parts i need. I also made and uploaded a video showing issues of my speakers:
and pictures...

AR312HO front panel foam (2).jpg

AR312HO front panel foam.jpg

AR312HO midbass broken edge.jpg

AR312HO tweeter dome foam.jpg

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