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Inherited Large Advents - early?


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Please excuse the cross-post with AudioKarma > Speakers. Wanted to get an audience of Advent folks to have a look, and much appreciated!

From my father-in-law who was the original owner. Kept in his living room (same house) all of their lives.

Roughly 25" tall x 11.5" deep x 14 1/4 wide with a beveled edge finish around the front / speaker grille. Serial numbers 6835 and 8482 with switch on metal plate in back. Foam is in amazing shape around the 10" speaker and I am pretty sure he never had these in the shop. I am going to do a mild facelift on these and plug them in (not in that order...).






IMG_20200523_164059 (1).jpg


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Your speakers are indeed the original Advent speaker, now referred to as OLAs. The naked tweeters, no cage, along with the low serial numbers show that these are early production. The foam woofer surrounds look intact and most likely they have been replaced as the originals would almost certainly have disintegrated by now. It raises the question as to whether the crossovers may have been recapped at the same time the woofer surrounds were replaced. You will need to remove a woofer from the cabinet to access the crossover. If the original electrolytic capacitors are still in place replacing them would be a very good idea. These are a great find, enjoy.

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